Fully dielectric reflectarrays made in 3D printing working in millimeter wave band

Master’s student

Starting date:
March 2021

6 months

Team(s): ISA

Contact(s) :
Jérôme LANTERI (jerome.lanteri at univ-cotedazur.fr)
Claire MIGLIACCIO (claire.migliaccio at univ-cotedazur.fr)

LEAT, Campus SophiaTech, Bâtiment Forum, 930 Route des Colles, 06903 Sophia Antipolis

Roughly 550 €/month

Combining the advantages of reflector antennas and printed antenna arrays, reflectarrays achieve high gains while being low-profile without the requirement of a complex feeding network.

Unlike conventional reflectarrays which are made of elements printed on a dielectric substrate and have a metallic ground plane, the solution proposed for this internship is to remove all metallic parts and replace them with a structure entirely made of dielectric using 3D printing technology.

We aim to replace the metallic reflector plane by a dielectric mirror based on a bandgap structure.

The schedule of this internship is detailed below:

  • Design and study of a dielectric mirror based on bandgap structures using electromagnetic simulations.
  • Design and simulation of the reflectarray
  • Realization of the prototype in 3D printing. Radiation pattern measurements in the anechoic chamber of the laboratory.

The design frequency range is the W-band and more specifically 76 to 81 GHz for radar applications purpose.

Required skills:

  • Skills in electromagnetism and antennas
  • Knowledge of large antennas and antenna arrays would be appreciated.
  • Experience with electromagnetic simulation software (CST, HFSS)

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