Design of antennas to be integrated into a wearable IoT device for gait analysis

Master’s student

Starting date:
March 2021

6 months

Team(s): CMA

Contact(s) :
Leonardo Lizzi (leonardo.lizzi at
Fabien Ferrero ( at

LEAT, Campus SophiaTech, Bâtiment Forum, 930 Route des Colles, 06903 Sophia Antipolis

Roughly 550 €/month

The mission of PROLONG (Portable Receiver to improve Older adults’ safety through gait anaLysis using Opportunistic Networking and very high accuracy Galileo-based location) project is to monitor movements and activities of older adults in order to detect conditions of possible danger, such as falls, night wandering episodes, to name but a few.

Within the PROLONG project, the LEAT is responsible for the design and realization of the PROLONG receiver. This will feature a variety of sensors matched by a very new dual-frequency Galileo chipset (u-blox ZED-F9P), a novel antenna sub-system (for both GNSS and IoT modules) specifically designed to operate in close contact with the body and to reduce performance degradation, and it will leverage on a range of opportunistic networking strategies using LPWAN (including the new 2.4 GHz range), Bluetooth and 5G standards, that will be used to achieve minimization of power consumption while sending information to backend services.

The recruited intern will be in charge of the design, realization and testing of the different antenna systems to be integrated into the wearable receiver. Antennas will be designed with the aim of maximizing the miniaturization while keeping an acceptable energy efficiency value.

The schedule of this internship is detailed below:

  • Review of the state of the art of compact antennas for wearable IoT devices
  • Modeling and optimization of new antenna designs fulfilling the project constraints
  • Realization of prototypes
  • Measurement and testing of the realized prototypes

Required skills:

  • Skills in electromagnetism and antennas
  • EM modeling using 3D EM software (HFSS, CST, …)
  • Ability to integrate and adapt, and team spirit

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