Ternwaves and LEAT / CNRS demonstrate major breakthroughs in IoT communication

Ternwaves and LEAT / CNRS demonstrate major breakthroughs in IoT communication

Sophia Antipolis
28th January 2022

The two-fold demonstration, done in collaboration with UCA/CNRS at its LEAT laboratory, demonstrates  

1) Unrivaled IoT network capacity

Ternwaves demonstrated that its modulation technology is able to accommodate 40 simultaneous IoT receptions @ 730 bps in a single 250kHz channel at 868MHz. Incoming signals were generated by 4 different asynchronous transmitters with 100% duty cycle and were realized without any external synchronization mean.

This unique collisions robustness constitutes a major breakthrough in the IoT domain, unlocking the long known critical bottleneck of LPWAN network capacity.

2) Record-breaking RF sensitivity

In the same session, Ternwaves demonstrated extreme RF sensitivity enabling ultra-long range low power transmissions and very low power consumption.

Sensitivity : -143.5dBm @ 210 bps

Measurement conditions : 1% PER, 20bytes payload, 250 kHz BW, data rate 210 bps.

Performance was achieved with fully independent packet per-packet processing (no latency) and without any external synchronization mean (asynchronous timing and free-running clocks and frequencies on each side).

This record-breaking RF sensitivity coupled to the associated major system capacity boost clearly opens a new era in the IoT market and paves the way to the long-awaited massive IoT market.

Photo: TERNWAVES Jean Xavier Canonici, Bruno Jechoux, and Prof. Fabien Ferrero at the CNRS-LEAT laboratory during the thrilling LPWAN demonstration.

About Ternwaves

TERNWAVES is a French deeptech company founded in 2018 which has developed a disruptive wireless communication technology. By combining the optimal performance of our modulation technology with a deep system engineering know-how, we create leading-edge solutions that truly enable massive IoT services for multiple vertical markets such as transport & logistics, industrial, automotive, maritime, energy-saving & smart grid, smart cities, healthcare, environment, and agriculture.

About LEAT

LEAT is a joint unit Université Côte d’Azur – CNRS (UMR N° 7248) dedicated to Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). LEAT aims to find technical solutions to democratize and generalize IoT (internet of Things) whether it be for domestic or industrial use.