Post-doctoral position in Online Learning

A post-doctoral position is available at Université Côte d’Azur!

 « Online/Incremental Learning for Spatial Applications »

[Please find the full description in the pdf enclosed]


Artificial Intelligence, Online learning, Incremental/Continual Learning, Influence functions, data pruning, federated learning


Executing machine learning (ML) algorithms on satellite could offer many advantages. It will indeed reduce the required bandwidth, the volume of of data to store on-board as well as the system responsiveness. Nowadays, ML algorithms are still trained on earth before being deployed on the satellite. Once on-board, these algorithms face different challenges related to data variabilities (light conditions, sensors ageing, etc.). Training these models again is therefore required. To do so, we will first study approaches that aim at minimizing the amount of data transmitted to earth from the satellite. Then, we would like to address the problematic of online/continuous learning with new data, taking into account issues such as the catastrophic forgetting while minimizing the required energy consumption and the memory footprint.


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